Fall at developers.


What investments are being built in Poznań and its vicinity

We are on the threshold of the last quarter of 2022. Autumn, right after the Apartment and House Fair in Poznań, is a new opening. Development companies regularly build well-known and liked investments, at the same time presenting premieres. Although the market situation is different, developers are active. And people looking for both a house and a flat in or around Poznań still have a lot of choice.

Fall at developers. What investments are being built in Poznań and its vicinity

We are on the threshold of the last quarter of 2022. Autumn, right after the Apartment and House Fair in Poznań, is a new opening. Development companies regularly build well-known and liked investments, at the same time presenting premieres. Although the market situation is different, developers are active. And people looking for both a house and a flat in or around Poznań still have a lot of choice.

The city center and its heart

The city of Poznań is invariably one of the largest residential markets in Poland. Today, good land for housing development in the vicinity of the city center is worth its weight in gold. Wilda, Malta (in a broader sense simply the New Town) are the most desirable locations. First of all, it is perfect for young people involved in city life. Secondly - it is worth buying an investment apartment in these places. This is confirmed by Mateusz Glema from the Poznań sales office of Grupa Inwest. -We have successfully completed the construction of the Wilda Corner investment. In the Wilda district, at the intersection of Czarnieckiego and Robocza Streets and surrounded by historic tenement houses, an intimate building with 60 flats was built. We have received a valid use permit. We only have to hand over the flats, and the last flats are on sale. We are about to finish our investments in Naramowice in Poznań. Clients from the Horyzont Naramowice investment will receive keys to their apartments by the end of the year , informs Mateusz Glema from the Inwest Group. The third project, called Nova Łacina - Niemena 6, has already reached the building shell stage. By the end of the year, the construction will be completed and customers will receive the keys to the apartments in the first quarter of 2023. There will be a total of 236 apartments in the multi-family building.

Two investments in Poznań are carried out by EBF Development. In Wilda, very close to the city center, the construction of the prestigious Bergera Apartments project is underway. A 7-storey multi-family building with 134 flats will be built at Gothilfa Bergera Street. Works related to the garage hall are nearing completion. In addition, the developer has started the construction of the tenth building as part of the popular Reduta Nowe Podolany estate. This time it will be 95 units ranging from 29 to 74 sq m, including a lot of studios and two-room apartments.

People looking for their place to live or invest in, visit Jeżyce. Proxin Development offers apartments in the following projects: Słowackiego 7 and Nowe Ogrody. At ul. Słowackiego, a building with 61 flats is under construction. The building was in a closed shell state, and recently works related to the façade were carried out, as well as inside, in the common areas. On the other hand, Nowe Ogrody is a multi-stage housing estate. In the first quarter of next year, the 7th stage will be completed. 130 apartments will be built. Finishing works are underway, among others in the garage hall and staircases. - We're ahead of the schedule. The last 11 units ranging in size from 51 to 88 sq m have already been sold. - says Piotr Łopatka, member of the management board of Proxin. In turn, the second quarter of 2024 is the end of the eighth stage. This time the developer offers 107 apartments. -The eighth stage is also the last stage in the construction of the estate. Housing estates, which, in the opinion of not only our clients, are an example of how a comprehensive, comfortable and resident-friendly development project in a large city should look like - adds Piotr Łopatka.

The developer of art Locum has started the construction of the Junique project. As part of the first stage, a multi-family building with 79 apartments ranging in size from 33 to 88 sq m will be built. The investment will be one of the largest in Poznań. Ultimately, there will be about 1000 apartments here. There are plans for, among others, kindergarten and large-format store.

New locations on the investment map

Observing the construction of new housing estates in and around Poznań, it can be concluded that developers have recently been refreshing their offer. This means that in addition to proven locations, they also focus on new places, noticing their potential. The advantage of such a solution may be intimacy and less competition, because there are not many other development investments around.

An example of this is the developer Quadro, which is building a multi-family building called Rynek Wschodni at Główna Street in Poznań. Work is underway on the first residential floor. There will be a total of 47 apartments on five floors, from 29 to 89 sq m. - We have chosen a new location, but with many advantages. The Wartostrada bicycle route, proximity to the city center, as well as Rondo Śródka, full commercial and service facilities and a bus stop allow you to live comfortably - says Marek Smogór, representing Quadro Development.

Intensive autumn before KDM Deweloper. The company is building as many as four stages of the Poznań Malarska estate, located in Poznań, but also near Szczytniki and Koninek. At first glance - a new location. However, it is worth emphasizing that the estate is being built in a beautiful environment next to the forest, moreover, all the necessary services and shops will be within the investment area. The developer has planned full facilities: a kindergarten, a playground, sports fields or green zones. The individual parts of the estate are at different levels of advancement, while the first stage looks the most impressive - the facades of the houses are ready.

New homes are also under construction

Not only flats are being built, but also new houses. Osiedle Przy Jeziorach in Poznań is growing harmoniously. The first premises in the third stage are ready and the construction of more semi-detached buildings is underway. Each of the three stages consists of semi-detached units with an area of ​​over 100 sq m, with a classic two-level design. It is worth noting that the entire project provides for the construction of 28 semi-detached buildings, i.e. a total of 56 separate premises. In stage III, there will be 28 premises. They are waiting for the formalities related to the collection to be completed, and the remaining ones are undergoing advanced works. Details can be seen on the investment in Poznań. - We also have a ready-made show house, finished "turnkey" at the first stage of the estate - says Tomasz Pietrzyński, member of the management board of More Place.

It is also building Sky Investments within the city limits of Poznań. The developer is implementing Rodzinne Podolany, an investment consisting of terraced houses and two-level apartments with roof terraces. Stage IV is currently under construction.

The suburbs are still liked

A very interesting alternative to the city center are its outskirts. Especially that developers who build there can encourage customers with the proximity of nature and lower (sometimes by half!) Prices of flats and houses. Scandic Park is being built in the popular commune of Dopiewo. At Andersena Street in Dopiewiec, 20 one-story EcoVilli, semi-detached, with an area of ​​77 and 89 sq m will be built. The price of the property includes a modern photovoltaic installation that provides constant and low costs of heating, electricity and hot water. Larger houses, 89 sq m. it is currently PLN 478,400 gross and it is a promotional offer valid until the end of October. - Construction is proceeding according to schedule. The houses have already gained, among others external facade- says Justyna Wiśniewska, representing Scandic Park. The developer is also building a three-story multi-family building Nove Dopiewo, with 20 apartments. Until the end of October, single-storey premises are cheaper by PLN 500 / sq m. - We invite you to arrange a demonstration meeting at each construction site - adds the developer's representative.

Another part of the Nowa Murowana investment is under construction in Murowana Goślina. The multi-family building has 3 floors. - Apartments are priced from PLN 6,610 gross / sq m, which is a good proposition for both individual and investment clients - says Patrycja Pilarczyk from the Nowa Murowana sales office.

On the other hand, in Błażejewo near Kórnik and a 20-minute drive from Poznań, an estate of terraced houses, Rodzinny Zakątek, is being built. Four terraced houses were built in the 5th stage, where houses finished to a higher developer standard are available, ready for collection, and another two are under construction. - In the terraced house, which will be commissioned at the turn of Q3 / Q4 this year, facade works and pouring floors in individual houses are underway. Roofing and plastering works inside the buildings have been completed. In the townhouse, the construction of which will be completed in the second quarter of 2023, the electrical installation inside the buildings is being installed, as well as plastering works have begun. Roofing works and those related to the installation of window joinery have been completed- says Maciej Bartczak, co-owner of KM Building.

An important and challenging quarter for the entire industry. Despite unfavorable circumstances, developers 'activity on the housing market has not weakened, which is confirmed not only by the progress on construction sites, but also by the developers' offer. New investments are being launched for sale both in Poznań and the neighboring communes. We are glad that the works on construction sites are proceeding according to the schedule, although it is not easy in the current market conditions. The customer who signed the contract should receive the keys in accordance with the schedule, to which the entrepreneurs are required by the act on the protection of the rights of the buyer of a flat or single-family house - sums up Lucyna Jarczyńska, Vice President of the Poznań Branch of the Polish Association of Developers.